Sadly, I do not feel very quippy today, and I have to leave the house in fifteen minutes. I briefly considered writing about my dog’s capacity to radically transform from a side of meat to a hunting machine (and, since I know people with actual hunting dogs, let me clarify that I mean “stupid hunting machine”), but that seemed too cute. Maybe if I felt quippier.

I also thought about contributing some thoughts on the Alix Ohlin review saga that is currently consuming the attention of all literary internet-goers, but I actually think enough has been said about it (and about negative reviews in general) by others. So I am not even going to link to anything related. Seriously, if you’re curious, just do a Google search. It will depress and annoy you. Have fun.

(Hint: it was a review of Alix Ohlin’s work, not the other way around.)

So what else do I have for you? Non-controversial links? Perhaps! It depends on what you like. But check these out:

- Rebecca Solnit’s essay “Men Explain Things to Me” on Guernica.
- Ariana Reine’s Ancient Evenings project. This you should really think about doing if you can.
- Closing statements from the members of the band Pussy Riot after their absurd trial in Moscow.

Ok! That’s it! I’ve got to go!

**EDIT: UNCHARACTERISTIC LATE ADDITION TO MY LIST OF LINKS. Because these sculptures are amazing.