Who are you?

In the past, I’ve lived in Seattle, WA (where I grew up); Grinnell, IA (where I studied philosophy and Russian language at Grinnell College); St. Petersburg, Russia (where I once visited a Russian prison, and was told not to touch anything lest I get tuberculosis); Mountain View, CA (where I worked for Google); Chicago, IL (ditto); and Tempe, AZ (where I received my MFA in fiction and was the Editor of International Prose for Hayden’s Ferry Review).

In the future, I’ll probably live other places and do other things.

Do you have any super powers?

Some of my friends say that drawing animals is my super power, but some people probably think otherwise. Personally, I think the weak hearing in my left ear is a super power – if I sleep with that ear facing up, all the annoying ambient sounds in the room disappear.

Can I email you?

Sure. Drop me a line at adrienne.m.celt@gmail.com

(FYI: I used to have another address – celtadri@gmail.com – here, but I don’t check it that often, and it seemed easier to switch to my main email. You can still write the old one, but this is faster.)

How often do you plan to update the site?

For now, I’m going to post one comic every week, on Wednesday. I may pepper more comics & images in as the spirit moves me throughout the week. (But don’t hold your breath. I am a creature of habit.)

What is a lamprey, anyway?

A lamprey is a parasitic sea creature, which I personally find pretty gruesome and fascinating. In high school, a good friend and I frequented a teashop in Seattle that listed (or perhaps still lists?) the stranger deaths of European monarchs on their tabletops – “death by lamprey” was always our favorite.

Lamprey also is/was/has been/will again be a secret art club, which I did not start, but have seen and know to be real. They do great barbeque.

Can I repost your comic?

Totally. As long as you correctly attribute the work to me (and link back to my site), you should be fine as long as the post is not for profit. Contact me if you’re not sure.

Why do you draw so many animals?

Well, to be honest I draw animals better than I draw people. I also like the idea that animals have rich inner lives that we don’t have access to, and that are is kind of weird.

So, do you have any pets?

I have one dog, named Paul. He may become a recurring character – probably the only one.

Finally: please enjoy these jellyfish.

Master of the Sea

I know I do.