Moving forward one second at a time, every second throughout time

I drew this comic ages ago, to post for Mother’s Day—I’m obviously late, having opted to post it the week after rather than the week before, while I was traveling to my residency at The Lighthouse Works (it’s amazing, btw).

What I did not anticipate (the movement of time being what it is!) was that I would also be posting it on a morning when my body is rigid with anxiety about the anti-choice legislation being passed in various states right now. Fun fact: one of the legislators in, I believe, Alabama, declared that an embryo in a lab does not have personhood; only one in a woman’s body. So, which of those entities are you trying to legislate then? Hmm.

I would say more about this—about how a pregnant person also has a heartbeat, for example! About the lack of contraceptive care and care for babies in poverty or abuse situations after birth!—but I am at a residency, so I am going to go write a book, and I will instead leave you with a couple of links for pro-choice organizations where you can donate.

NARAL America 

Yellowhammer Fund (for those seeking abortion care & assistance in Alabama)

Planned Parenthood

You know what to do.