Also, I hope to photograph the Loch Ness Monster

I have a tendency to be extremely credulous, which I think stems from an inquisitive mind, and which other people may view as stemming from superstition or gullibility. In my magical realism class the other day, we discussed the fact that scientific inquiry’s true goal is to undermine other science – to make new discoveries that will turn our current understanding of the world & its systems on its head. That being the case, why would I believe that the scientific world’s present disregard for something (ghosts, telepathy, cryptids, etc.) constitutes the final word on that subject?

Of course, I am also gullible. A part of my terrified animal mind gets frantic when I disregard chain letters, and when that fake BBC article about “zombism” in Cambodia came out a few years ago, I did think for a moment So this is it.

In fact I very much respect science, and the work scientists do to help us understand the world. But I do not think that we understand nearly all of it yet. If I did, I probably would not be interested in writing fiction, because for me that process is about putting your finger on the heartbeat of a mystery, and feeling it for a fleeting moment.