How do we know the robots won’t be generous and benevolent overlords?

There was a time when I was fairly political. And indeed, I still have opinions; I still like to be informed (for instance, were you aware that the South Dakota state government has been essentially kidnapping children via the foster care system in order to qualify for high federal funding? It’s more complicated than that, of course, but it’s still pretty appalling). But lately I cannot watch the news, as it relates to American electoral politics. Nothing good ever seems to happen, even when the opportunity arises. I waver between despair and rage.

I still vote.

Anyway, this comic is not officially affiliated with Occupy Wall Street or any political party or ideology, etc. If anything, it’s affiliated with my wonderful father-in-law, who we recently found out is sick, and who will I think feel some affinity with the frustration and absurdity that I feel myself in relation to politics.

Hmm. That got kind of heavy. On a lighter note, I just finished my comprehensive exam paper for my MFA, and it is fall, and there are pumpkins everywhere. This is all to the good.