One person’s lollipop forest is another person’s lollipop forest that they like less

I’m late getting this out into the world, but I have an excellent excuse, to wit, I went to a petting zoo and met a great number of capybaras, and also two warthogs, one a small baby named Beans.

When my friend Rachel and I were in Singapore on a teaching fellowship, we went to the Singapore Zoo , which I strongly recommend, zoo-wise: it’s huge and luxurious and has a bunch of animals, including (at least as I remember it) some monkeys that were just sitting around on a verdant pedestal with no fence or anything. The reason I think of this is that when we were there, it seemed like every single animal in the zoo was or had a baby, including the monkeys on the pedestal.

The baby warthog we saw today (at a petting in a rather bleak part of town, but hey, they have capybaras, who am I to complain) was only a couple of months old; the seemingly full-sized warthog (Spork!) to whom I gave a belly rub was only eleven months herself. Sometimes the timing is just right.

Speaking of timing, I have family in town, and will have more family in town this weekend, and then a week after that, my book tour craziness begins. So I may become a bit irregular with comics in the coming weeks, but I will try my best. In the meantime, a lot of people have been telling me how much they like my book lately (it makes me cry) (look, here’s Bustle calling End of the World House one of the best books of April) 

So if you feel a lack (of me, I guess) at any point, you can always pre-order my book, and shortly, more of me will be with you. That’s one way to spin it.

And if you happen to see me on tour, I will tell you all about the baby warthog.