Ready to shred

I wrote an entire mini-essay here about how the magazine The Believer was recently sold to an internet content farm out of what seems like venality and spite on the part of its recent owners, but reading it over, I realized I was not adding much that this open letter from The Believer‘s founders/past editors doesn’t already cover. So I encourage you to read that explainer instead.

Or not instead. In addition! Read this too, I’ll just make it shorter and a little less repetitive.

Yesterday I pulled up all the beets in my garden and made a wonderful borscht. I also harvested the roughly 25 lentils I had managed to grow (if you can’t count, that’s not very many) and threw them in the soup, because what on earth else do you do with 25 lentils? I can’t say I tasted them, but I’m sure they were delicious.

Tomorrow I’m doing one last event to celebrate End of the World Housea conversation with Kristen Arnett for the Harvard Book Store. It’s virtual, so you can watch from anywhere, and it’s happening at 4pm PT/7pm ET. Join us! Buy a book! Take a load off.

According to the weather report, it should be over a hundred degrees in Tucson by Saturday, and I for one am not looking forward to it, but I do accept that I have chosen to live here, so I will stock up on seltzer and ice, and hope for the best, as I assume we all do every day.