Don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy

I’m tired, so here is a list of things this week is like, from my perspective:

  • Last week, but stretched out like taffy into the now
  • When my dog keeps chewing on something he has already swallowed
  • The slow drip of the hose onto a fruit tree, pooling until there is a deep and sufficient drink
  • The agitated but still elegant birds in my garden, as they realize we’ve set the hose out
  • Wind that blows up from nowhere at 3pm but then is gone by 6, leaving everything a little bit cooler
  • Lizards in the heat, doing push-ups
  • Walking into the sun and then into the shade and then into the sun, in total state change each time
  • The idea that radio waves are always crackling through the air even though you can’t sense them
  • Or can you sense them?
  • Taking pins out of my bulletin board and then sticking them back in more deliberately this time
  • When a hawk swoops low and close, and then it’s gone