The hard thing about bacon is pigs are so smart

It has been an awfully emotional week. Not Valentine’s Day – no, not that. Dave and I watched Grumpy Old Men and I finished reading No Country For Old Men and it wasn’t until this very moment that I recognized the theme there.

The other day I went to see We Need to Talk About Kevin and then ate tacos and had a lot of thoughts about the choices made by the filmmakers and how they were in some ways at odds with the strong effect the film had on me.

But none of that is it. My thesis-in-progress isn’t it, and working towards publications isn’t it and papers due for my last semester of grad school isn’t it and isn’t it funny how a list of things an emotion isn’t can put weight on what it is, what it might be? The longer the list the heavier the weight?

The anticipation?

Sorry, that made it seem like I’m doing some sort of tease, but I just thought it was an interesting effect, as it was happening. Even I was starting to think, well ok, what comes next? But in fact it’s just going to have to remain vague, and I hope that doesn’t cause anyone to worry. I am ok. It’s sunny here and snowing somewhere else and everyone’s got problems the world round. (As my friend the Lycanthrope says, February is hard on all my girls.) So probably it’s not so bad.