Fast times in the ocean deep

Well, AWP was great, we all got the AWPlague (half the people I know are laid up in bed with hacking coughs and fevers), and now I have hundreds of new pages in bookfair spoils to read. If anyone is checking this comic out for the first time because we met in said AWP bookfair: welcome! If not: well! Oh well!

I enjoyed being back in the Chicago bluster, telling all my dear friends that they were being children to complain of something so minimal as a gale-force wind and light sheen of sleet. That said, it was a pleasant feeling to wake up to birdsong and 78 degree weather now that I’m home again. Every place to live has a little of this, a little of that.

In other Chicago nostalgia news, I still find it almost unconscionable how greatly I enjoy riding the El now that I no longer ever have to do so during rush hour or the times leading up to/following a Cubs game. I even felt tenderly towards the crazy people, of which there were a few. Of which there are always a few. The Red Line secured my abiding affection when it came quickly and never broke down during a midnight run from Andersonville back down to the Loop.

That’s all. Time to go write other things.