Dedicated to bros everywhere?

The semester is over. Only grading left to do. Many people to help move, and to say goodbye to. A large stack of library books to read entirely for pleasure. A large stack of pages to revise into stories and a novel, entirely (as always) for pleasure. One heart to constrict and constrict into ever tighter spaces until it almost feels like hole: a fist, a bean, a grain, a fistula.

But everything grows and evolves, even from nothing: a heart the size of a car, a country, a universe whose laws say to expand.

For a visual on this, take a look at this video by Berlin artist Sebastian Schmieg, which shows what happens when you put a transparent image into Google Image Search and ask them to search for likenesses of that nothingness:

Search by Image

(Thanks for showing me this video goes to friend & photographer Rosalind Shipley, who is also worth a look.)