Good, bad, worse, better

In lieu of a real post today I’m going to compile an ungodly list of links and facts and just hope that you have some interest in some of them.

– Yesterday I went to Devil’s Lake
– Great interview with Mary Gaitskill in The Believer
– My thumb has a slender cut
– Astronomers discover a new black hole?
– My sister in law’s thumb has a much deeper cut
– New issue of Cerise Press
– Paul’s paw seems better, though it is still nonzero on the gruesome scale
– New issue of Memorious, gorgeous
– Whenever I fail to drink coffee, my eyes feel sore. Is this normal?
– Exciting: my friend Caitlin is the new editor of The Kenyon Review. If you don’t read KR, or haven’t seen Caitlin’s work, maybe you should.
Pony meets a ghost
– Apropos Caitlin Horrocks, there’s a new PANK coming soon, and she is in it, along with a bunch of other great people
Gigantic Sequins 3.2 (featuring my comics!) has gone to print. You can still pre-order!
– And finally: global tea etiquette