Meanwhile, my own eyes continue to slowly degrade

Why yes, yes I am still doing yoga.


This week in gratuitous links:

Kevin McIlvoy in Pif Magazine
Stephen Millhauser in Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading, selected by Aimee Bender. (Is there any part of that which doesn’t sound amazing? Correct answer: no.)
Clarice Lispector’s investigation of eternity on Bomblog
Vote for my friend Molly Backes’s book The Princesses of Iowa in NPR’s survey of the best-ever teen novels. (Also, you should probably vote for the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, because, yes. Best.)
– And because I can’t go more than a few posts without mentioning Werner Herzog, do you remember the time he asked an Antarctic biologist whether penguins could be deranged or gay? Yeah. Encounters at the End of the World!