Grey day, heyday.

Well, last night I was up late, waiting for speeches to be delivered. And then after those speeches came and went, and I went to bed, I got up every two hours to perform mildly grotesque maintenance on Dave’s recovering arms. (He had surgery for compartment syndrome on Monday.) I am not at the top of my game in terms of eloquence or balanced communication.

So briefly: I am happy about how the election went last night. There are complicated issues at work, and I do still have certain reservations about Obama’s record. But on the whole he has done some excellent work in adverse circumstances, and I’m proud that he’ll be my president for four more years. I don’t really want to go into it more than that, considering how tired and loopy I feel. But hooray for the rights of women. Hooray for Tammy Baldwin. Hooray for money not being the only deciding factor in an election.

Now. Other things are going on in life, right? And we get to go back to those things? Ryan (Dave’s brother) went home to Arizona on Sunday, and the house is lonelier, though I’m happy that he’s back in his life, with Kim. It is hard not to feel a palpable sense of loss when something that you relied on for comfort and happiness in a terrible time changes or goes away. I feel like our team here is short a player. (And I feel like my ability to make non-clichéd metaphors is momentarily out of steam.) But ultimately we will figure out what the next steps in our lives are too, and as a sign of that, I suppose this is good.

So now we work, and we live, and we go see the new James Bond movie as soon as possible. The future, the future. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.