The woman who is talking on the phone inches from my room is not even having an interesting conversation.

Hello gentle readers,

You may notice that this week’s comic doesn’t seem to be, as such, a full comic. That is because it is a brief excerpt from a longer piece I did for Hobart (based on an essay by Charles Mcleod, in Hobart 14), which is up today!

Check it out!

In other news, I am currently in San Francisco. Very currently, in a hotel where a mysterious disembodied woman is talking on the phone to another (thus doubly disembodied) woman. Quite audibly. I can’t track which wall this voice is coming from – at times it appears to be right outside my door, though a quick look-see would belie that hypothesis.

Lucky I had to get up early anyhow.

And, er, that’s all for now! Remember to visit Hobart!