At least, it will be spoken of by me, and I am going to haunt you. So that makes it a conversation.

So, a few things:

1. The end of a three-part series! I hope it was satisfying. When I started drawing comics & posting them to this website, a big part of the pleasure for me was not having to think or plan ahead the way I do when writing fiction. But the pleasure I took in this series was entirely plotting it out ahead of time and then seeing how it would take shape, emerge. So I know very little about me. No surprise.

2. I thought it would be relevant to our poor Dead Hero Giraffe to post this interview from The Rumpus about near-death experiences. Also, I love spooky things.

3. I’m not sure anyone I tagged actually carried on The Next Big Thing chain, so why not read this NBT interview with Sally Ball instead? Her new book, Wreck Me, is going to wreck you.

4. My story “In Deep” will be in issue #60 of Gargoyle this summer! Take a look at the TOC and cover image.

5. And finally, wouldn’t we all be better off if we read the letters of Vincent van Gogh?