The zombie nonpocalypse.

Sometimes, when I have a lot on my mind, I wish that an elf (or other mythic helpmeet) would post my comic for me. But it turns out this is about as likely as an elf (or sprite, or gnome, or…you get the idea) doing my dishes at the end of a long day.

Still, if there was a legion of helpful elves or whatnot sneaking into our houses and completing our tasks and chores, we might be lulled into complacency and incapacity just in time for them to brutally overthrow us.

So, two sides to every coin.

Now, a couple of links and on I go with my day:

– A fantastic reading of Anne Carson’s Red Doc> by Kathryn Schulz
– A fun interview between the writers Elliott Holt and Marie-Helen Bertino, who are so obviously friends that it makes my heart hurt with the missing of my own dear writing companions.