Appropriate holiday brevity, making way for holiday levity

I am nothing but grateful for everything that has happened to me in the past week (and year and lifetime). But since I’m soon to jump on a plane, there’s little time to enumerate the ways in which that’s true. Plus, haven’t you read enough Thanksgiving gratitude posts by now? Probably.

So I leave you with a few links to get you through the rest of the day, and good wishes, and some otters.

– Rebecca Solnit, known force of nature, interviewed in The White Review
– Let’s all memorize Песня Крокодила Гены (Голубой Вагон) and feel the unbearable weight of nostalgia bear down. Ready?
– Deborah Eisenberg’s story “Your Duck is My Duck,” featured in Electric Literature‘s Recommended Reading. Plus, did you see the title? Did you? Isn’t that almost enough to fill your heart right up?

Happy Thanksgiving! Safe travels! Tryptophan! Etc.