Does this belie the fourth wall?

I have a lot of big plans for the future bumping around in my brain, all so nebulous and uncertain that they are, I guess, secrets for now. I also had a dream about traveling down a salt-water river in a wooden canoe. Being struck by an enormous wave which tossed me head-over-heels, heels-over-head, so I just had to keep telling myself hold your breath, hold your breath, you’ll come out the other side. The water was incredibly blue, aquamarine, warm as a bath.

Both of theses things feel the same to me, is what I’m saying.

Random notes:
– Have you read Sarah Cornwell‘s debut novel What I Had Before I Had You yet? It’s gorgeous, meditative, suspenseful, strange.
– And are we all reading Helen Humphreys‘s memoir, Nocturne, about her brother’s tragically early death? You can listen to an eerie (because beautiful) recording of him playing Chopin’s Prelude No. 20 Opus 28 on Humphreys’s website. (Humphreys, if you don’t know, is a thoughtful and moving writer even when dealing with subject matter less personal and wrenching than the death of a beloved.) (I love her work so much, in fact, and find it so vivid, that I wonder if I can make it through this book, considering that my brother is also a musician, and also named Martin.)
– Would you like 500 free ebooks? Yes, you would. Who doesn’t want to read Walter Benjamin on the subject of flâneurs and then follow it up with some Virgina Woolf and a cup of tea? That’s a nice little pick-me-up.

(Also available: Aeschylus, David Foster Wallace, Roth, Sartre, Beatrix Potter, and Plutarch. Well, and many more.)