My thought is that love of baby animals is a part of the Garden of Eden that God forgot to retcon after the Fall.

An insect update in two parts:

1. Despite the fact that my entire post last week was about the ravaging of my home by insects, I’ve actually had more visitors and seen more friends in the past seven days than I had in the month prior. Now I know: my friends are bold, my friends are true. My friends cannot be cowed by the petty likes of albino cockroaches. (At least, not when they’re a few blocks away.)

2. This morning, as I was walking to my computer – super casual! Do it every day! – I walked through a large, unseen spiderweb. A web that must have spanned the height of the room, rug to ceiling. A web that GOT ON MY FACE and was only defeated by the mad, directionless swinging of a bag (Dave’s) in the general area of the web attack.

So. You can’t win them all.

PS: The Toast ran another set of my comics, and I am delighted! You are delighted. WE ARE DELIGHTED. Let us celebrate.