idk, maybe.

Friends, let me tell you a story about a girl who spent two weeks with her head down, working on revisions, taking time out only to go to the doctor and be told how much surgery she needs. (Not THAT much. But some is more than none.)

(And ok, at night I sometimes watched The Sopranos. I’m only human.)

In this story, Our Hero didn’t realize how tired she was until the last full day she had to work on revisions, and then BOY did she realize it. The next day she went back to her full-time job. And then two days later, on Wednesday, she posted this comic.


Ok, next week may be touch-and-go because I’m going to be in Madison this weekend (when I normally draw my comics) attending the wedding of some dear friends and hopefully finding some time to sneak over to Greenbush for donuts. (Because otherwise, who even am I? WHAT even am I?)

Wish me good luck as I make the small but excruciating changes that will (hopefully) complete my novel revisions. Wish me good luck as I worry, every morning, about facial paralysis resulting from the weird and misplaced skin (for that, dear reader, is what a cholesteatoma is. Just skin, misplaced, misunderstood) that has been growing in my ear and apparently consuming my auditory ossicles (ie EAR BONES). Wish me luck as I navigate our complicated, uncomfortable, lovely world.