Incidentally, only one of those three things ever really happens here

I thought I’d change things up a little today by NOT posting any news about my brain or my ear and instead sticking to the happy things which are, at the moment, consuming my thought patterns:

– Most importantly, MY BOOK’S GALLEYS HAVE BEEN PRINTED AND THEY ARE GORGEOUS. I don’t actually have a copy yet (soon! Imminently!) but you can see a picture on Twitter, so let’s all go have a look, shall we?

– Also fun, I CREATED A TUMBLR. Not to worry, I’ll still be posting regularly here. The Tumblr will eventually be my author website’s “News” page (or that’s the plan, anyway), and it will allow me to more easily reblog photographs of whales, so it’s win-win, isn’t it?

(If you have a Tumblr too, please follow me if you want! I promise not to do only self-promotion.)

– Finally IT’S RAINING. I know that’s not super exciting to anyone but me (unless you live in Tucson too, perchance?), but it’s waking up the creosote bushes all over town, and what can I say, it’s at least inching towards seasonally appropriate temperatures.

Before I go, you’re perhaps wondering what on earth that animal is? (What, you don’t translate Egyptian hieroglyphs for fun?) Well it’s a hieracosphinx, part falcon, part lion. There you are. Go forth and be satisfied, dear readers.