Follow your heart, follow gravity, follow no one

I’ve spent quite a lot of time drawing comics this past week – some you can see right now (on The Toast!), some not quite yet. One is right here! While on the way to my riding lesson last week, I saw dogs very much like these jumping at the window of a fast-moving truck, suffering no ill-effects and experiencing a great deal of good humor.

I also had a stupidly depleting cold, which depleted me, stupidly. I’m mostly better now!

Other things to consider:

– My friend CJ Hauser (whose wonderfully dark, witty novel The From-Aways should be read by anyone who likes wonderful, dark, witty novels about female friendship) won Narrative Magazine’s fall contest with her excellent story “Bangana” – and you can read it now, for free. (You have to sign up for Narrative, which costs no money but will result in you getting emails from them in perpetuity. It’s worth it, in this case.)

Emily Books, which has long been doing the fabulous work of re-issuing a curated list of e-books written by “transgressive writers of the past, present and future,” is now teaming up with Coffee House Press to form an imprint and publish new work. This is great news, because both sides of that coin have taste and intellect coming out of their eyeballs. Emily Books is running an ambitious Kickstarter to help redesign their website & bring everything up to an impressive level of snuff, so why don’t you consider pledging? I did.

Ok! Have a dark, witty, impressive day.