Yes, and

A few things of note! So many lovely literary people are bashing their brains against BEA this week (for those who don’t know: a big book expo in New York) (the lovely people might also be enjoying it!), and I am doing my own manic work, getting ready to move to our new house and then (two days later) leave for the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop in Laramie Wyoming. I’m looking forward to both these things! But the combination is leaving me slightly insane. So probably there will not be a comic next week.

In the meantime, I’m not only packing and working, I’m also trying to decide how to decorate our new house. Obviously a lot of that will happen once we’re in the new space, but there are a couple of big things I wanted to at least get in motion before we move, namely a couch and a new bed.

Bed is now taken care of! But the couch thing. Man, how do you find a couch that’s both pretty to look at and nice to sit in? Do they really exist? We’ve been to quite a few stores, and pieces I thought I’d like rarely feel like something I want to curl up in. Which – guys, couches are EXPENSIVE. I’ve never ever ever bought a new one before (I’m still not committed to that; I’ll take any nice couch I can get), and it just seems like if you’re going to drop some serious money, you should at least be able to get something you’re happy with?

The bed, for instance: after lots of shopping around we got a Leesa foam mattress and a handmade wooden bed off Etsy (Etsy! Wish me luck). Both, I think, will be great. There are a couple of similar options for couches (this place has a few I really like, and seem highly customizable) if we’re willing to pay, um, a lot, but how do you know the couch will be nice to sit in? You could ask the same about mattresses, but a bunch of people I know have gotten similar mattresses & sung their praises, so I’m a bit more confident there.

Anyway, sorry I’ve devolved into a furniture babbler. Soon I’ll be in Wyoming, space babbling! That will be a nice change of pace. But in the meantime, if you want to tell me where to buy my couch like some sort of couch psychic or furniture whisperer, I’m all ears.

(Finally, I feel like I should recognize the possibility that I’ve actually drawn a comic with roughly this text before? Maybe? I found a random post-it note with this written on it and thought “yeah, that’s a good idea,” not thinking at first that maybe I liked it because I’d already done it? If so, enjoy this meditation on the fragile nature of memory and imagination; if not, well, same thing I guess?)