My self-esteem is based mostly on my own internal rocket fuel

Shortly, Dave and I embark for a trip to Seattle and thence down to the Eagle Cap Wilderness, where my dad has a cabin, and where we will be spending the Fourth of July celebrating both marriage equality and the largesse of the night sky.

There probably won’t be a comic next week, since I’m going to make an effort to take an actual vacation & read books & hug my niece/nephew (note: not a combo niece/nephew; rather, one of each) & remember how last time I went to this cabin I got lost on a hike and was heroically led home by my dog. (Not Paul, but my dad’s old dog, Chessie, who is dearly missed.)

Anyway, stay cool this week, friends. Stay feisty. And if you aren’t already, then get & stay angry about the fact that people are burning black churches in our country, which is an abomination and a horror. (Thought I was going to end on a light note, huh? Well I would love to. Just as soon as people stop burning down churches.)