Open to suggestions about what was going to happen to the eyes

Why yes, I have been reading H is for Hawk lately, and it was magnificent, why do you ask?

(I would like to add that Dave looked over my shoulder as I was drawing this & very nearly identified the species of hawk – it’s red-shouldered, whereas he guessed red-tailed – and I was pretty proud of both of us.)

I am in the middle of a New Mexico odyssey/book tour, and I’m having a damn good time so far. Today my only obligation is to get myself from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, and I have some pretty delightful plans to fill the hours.

If you happen to be in Santa Fe tomorrow (7/3), come to Collected Works at 6pm and hear me read! Or, strong-arm your loved ones into doing so, if they’re in the area and you are not! I have no shame or mercy!