By the way, did you know that Halloween is coming?

Guys. GUYS. It has been quite a week or two or six. You may have noticed that I didn’t quite manage to post a new comic last week, and erm, well, all I can say is that I was legitimately quite tired. I’m trying to stockpile a couple now, because my harried travel schedule has not quite ended; we shall see!

Last week I read four times in the Bay Area and once in Seattle, and it was all quite delightful! Thank you to Google, Books Inc., Green Apple Books, Book Passage, and Third Place Books for being such wonderful hosts. Going in, I was worried that four readings in a single metropolitan area might be a bit much, but luckily I was mistaken. Also, I am happy to report that bringing a Donald Trump piñata to a literary reading for the purposes of symbolically smashing the patriarchy is JUST AS ENJOYABLE as one might suspect. (Hint: very!) It’s also not at all unpleasant to read in your hometown, surrounded by friends & family & high school teachers & etc. Not unpleasant at all.

I have one more reading before decamping to Berlin for vacation, and it is here in Tucson, this Friday the 25th at Antigone Books at 7pm. I’m really looking forward to this one, and would love to see any and all local friends and readers! Alas, there probably won’t be a piñata, but I may have just ordered a dozen specialty cupcakes. So. Do with that information what you will.