Good golly gosh

I got some new pens, and they make slightly different, more calligraphic lines than I’m used to, but I like them and I’m going to keep experimenting. Experiment!

All I have is thought fragments today.

Monday I went to Colossal Cave Mountain Park and shimmied under & around various rock formations in true, un-hyperventilating speleological style, and so I too am sore in rather unusual places. (Though I think yoga helped in this case. You know that horrible thing they sometimes make you do where you go into a low plank & the instructor tells you to HOP forwards and backwards in that position? Well, I can’t do that, but my many attempts have given me enough core and arm strength that shimmying was no problem at all.)

It’s Kurt Vonnegut’s birthday, and he had a true heart, and I love his work so much.

Here is this great profile of Rachel Fershleiser, who is really quite grand, I must say.

I’m not sure why I keep drawing rabbits/jack rabbits/hares. It’s really hard to say, but just go with it.