See you at the bookfair, friend-os

Guys, it’s almost AWP! AWP-Eve if you will! Dave might have given me a cold, but I have not yet divorced him for it, and plan to sleep 13 hours tonight, so all is reasonably well.

If you want to see me at the conference (for those who don’t know, AWP = the Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference, which is, in other words, a big mess of writerly emotions all crammed into a convention center. This year it’s in LA! So maybe we’ll all just leave and go to the beach?), I’ll mostly be a free agent, but here are a couple of places to look:

  • the VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts booth, especially Thursday and Friday morning
  • a special ASU/Hayden’s Ferry Review reading on Thursday at 1:30pm on the Robert Muroff Bookfair stage (in the convention center). This should be a really great reading! We’re all keeping the pieces short, and look at the line-up: me, Matt Bell, Hugh Martin, Brian Oliu, and Joshua Rathkamp. WE WILL BE DELIGHTFUL, COME HUG US.

This comic is early because I assume everyone will be on flights tomorrow, so enjoy!