Well that explains our radically differing concepts of decorum

Guys, it was bound to happen: we have moved on from the little fox. I am as sad as you are (?); we spent most of our summer together, but now we must look onward to other animals, like puppies and finger monkeys, and all their antics.

I love that the Olympics allows for such varied, yet communal, obsessions: in addition to the obvious (women’s gymnastics, women’s soccer), I’ve been watching a lot of cross-country equestrian eventing and men’s synchronized diving; I have friends who rep hard for beach volleyball or weightlifting. I baked a pie while watching a heptathlon. What a time to be alive.

Oh, also, our roof has been leaking during monsoon season, and as a result I feel extremely vulnerable, permeable. At least my cucumber vines are beginning to produce, my watermelon is growing. Let’s all imagine sleeping outside, brushing the gnats out of our hair, watching the Perseids. Sure, we’d get rained on, but we’d also get a breath of fresh air.