You almost never know what will happen next, really

I just thought we could all stand to remember that crazy things happen in every direction, sometimes good as well as bad. (Though that is in no way a call to stop fighting against the bad, or that you are foolish to mourn what needs mourning.)

In happier news, I just got a big stack of finished chapbooks! If you’re looking for a bookish gift that’s tagged both “comics” and “philosophy” look no further than Apocalypse How? An Existential Bestiary, which you can order now from DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press. (I also saw it on Amazon, though you have to search around for it!) I know I need to update my websites with this! I am on it, promise!

Some blurbs to tell you how great the book is:

“Apocalypse How catches you emotionally and dare I say spiritually off guard in the best way possible.” —Yumi Sakugawa, Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe

“Adrienne Celt has a created a world where animals see to the heart of the human condition, finding it even sillier and stranger than we had thought.” —David Troupes, Buttercup Festival

“These comics are a funny and surreal dive into many of life’s existential quandaries. Celt’s loving rendering of her animal characters softens some of the hard truths they describe.” —Anne Emond, Comiques

“Adrienne Celt’s offbeat animal cartoons never fail to make me smile. There’s something magical about an owl experiencing ennui.” —Nicole Cliffe,The Toast

It’s also never a bad idea to buy a copy of The Daughters, if you’re looking for more of a novel and less of a comic experience.  (Be it a gift to someone else, or just to yourself. Hey, you deserve it.)

Finally, if you want to read a short interview with me, I did one for a feature called “Tiny Spills” in the journal Cosmonauts Avenue. Enjoy!

Also, please continue donating to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the water protectors opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline. They need it.