The world is for us all

We have all done wrong things in our lives. This year alone I have melted a hot water bottle in our tiny microwave, filling the house with toxic fumes. I have also decided not to go to AWP (the Association of Writers & Writing Programs conference, for those of you who don’t know) for the first time in 7 years or so, and though this seemed like an aces decision a few months ago, I am now beginning to be consumed by the regret that shall, for at least 4 days in February, be my 24/7 reality.

So if you want to try to convince me to get a last minute plane ticket by, like, offering a spot in your hotel room or whatever, feel free.

I have also read the news a lot, and allowed it to consume me more than is, in likelihood, healthy. But I have made a lot of calls to my representatives about unfit cabinet posts and morally bankrupt legislation (why on earth you would want to take health care away from people who need it is beyond me; there is no good argument for it; there just isn’t), and so at least I’m doing something right.