We all need a more perfect rest

There is so much to be exhausted by lately, but I’m trying to pick myself back up from underneath it.

For instance: The Lit Hub organized a wonderful political action, encouraging writers to send postcards to the White House/their representatives in defense of the NEA and the NEH. Take a look: my postcard is right at the top. (I also particularly like the point made by Kristen Radke’s card that the military marching band requires 3x the budget of the NEA. Come on. Come on.)

For also instance: today I called my congressperson and asked her to vote NO on the repeal of the ACA/the passing of the new ACHA, which will cost so many Americans (& so many of her constituents) much-needed healthcare. Let us not kid ourselves: if it passes, people will die because of this.

Every day, a new way to feel like the soul of my nation is at stake.