Not trying to be a downer, but…

Look, I want you to know I drew this before anything happened in politics this week, and it just seemed like something a platypus might say.

Also, I find it almost impossible to believe that I’ve never drawn a platypus strip before, but I looked and looked and cannot find one, so…magic is now? I wonder if I’m just remembering the one-or-more beaver comics I’ve drawn, considering I keep wanting to give my poor platypus a cross-hatched beaver tail.

(The psychology of the artistic process!)

Anyway, let’s all carry on. Let’s all get mad when we need to get mad. Let’s all keep writing books and drawing pictures, wearing excellent jumpsuits, watering the garden just enough, listening to the mourning doves, watching the sun rise and set, every time.


And, if you need something to read in these trying times, a couple of great books just came out, including (but not limited to!) Woman No. 17 which is a sexy feminist noir by Edan Lepucki, and Grace and the Fever, which is a taut thrill-ride through the world of fame and fandom by Zan Romanoff. I love both these books a lot, and I think you will too.