Born anew into this world of struggle

On the surface, this comic is not a great metaphor for relationships, is it? I can’t decide if that makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day, or very wrong. Dave and I recently started watching Planet Earth II because of our mutual crush on David Attenborough, so for my personal life, it is very romantic.

You could also look at this as a comment on my other valentine, television. After all, it covers not only the binge-watching I have been doing within my relationship, but also my abiding solo love for The Good Place, which recently aired its season finale. If you miss the show as much as I do, I recommend reading Laura Turner’s loving deep-dive into the theology of The Good Place, which I found unexpectedly tender.

Today, Dave and I are both wearing red outfits, because we are adorable, and going to a chamber orchestra show, because I bought the tickets based on the programs I wanted to hear, and only later realized this one was on Valentine’s Day. I seem so sentimental now.

Well, I am sentimental. So I guess I’ll allow it.