According to my dog, balloons move with an unearthly and terrifying grace

I’ve noticed that February is passing us by much faster than January seemed to. I don’t think this is a factor of the extra days in January; I just haven’t felt stuck in time these past few weeks, the way I did before. Maybe this is true every year as we barrel towards spring.

Speaking of time, and its limits: there’s a Goodreads giveaway for INVITATION TO A BONFIRE that’s running for another few days, so if you’re trying to get your hands on an advance copy of the book and you use Goodreads, give it a try!

In other news, we’re having our roof replaced this week, and of course it is raining. I’ve been worried about this inevitability for days, as we made the roofing plan months ago, and the forecast has been looming. There is no roof on my house right now. There is a lot of water coming down from the sky. The surprising twist in all of this is that, with the new decking and underlayment, our house is actually leaking less than it did with an entire roof. So that’s a funny turn of events. (And, I guess, exactly what we’re paying the roofers for.)

The next couple of weeks are going to be full of activity, and a bit draining, I think. On Sunday I’m going up to Phoenix for a memorial service for Naira Kuzmich, the very talented writer in my MFA program who passed away earlier this year. I’m glad I’ll be able to go, but it reminds me anew how shocked and angry I am about her death; hopefully, it will be healing to have an opportunity to celebrate her life. (I’ve linked to a few pieces of hers, available online, if you’d like to read her excellent writing.)

After that, AWP. After that, visitors. After that, book launch. It’s exciting and tiring to think about everything that’s coming, so I’m trying to save my strength. It helps that it’s raining, actually. The rain makes it easier to curl inwards, to let yourself be cozy and warm.