Proactive attitude

So much has happened, or is happening this week. Or maybe it’s really just two big things, but they’re so big that they take up a lot of my attention? One of them is that it’s Dave’s birthday on Friday, so I have been out getting treats and in putting together completely non-secret birthday gifts (it’s hard to hide THREE GIANT BOXES full of disassembled patio furniture, and even harder to hide the protracted assembly phase, so I just went ahead and told him what his present was).

I have also been doing book stuff, tour planning, etc., for END OF THE WORLD HOUSE, which is very exciting. I really liked this write-up from the Chicago Review of Books which says ‘End of the World House showcases Celt’s agile and humorous prose, as well as a knack for cutting descriptions. Celt renders our surreal daydreams—or perhaps our complacent nightmares—crystal clear. This novel is so much fun.”

It is fun!

Anyway, the other REALLY BIG news is that the TV adaptation of Invitation to a Bonfire was officially greenlit by AMC!

Surprising no one, I am absolutely thrilled about this! It’s surreal and wonderful—perhaps the exact surreal opposite of having a man show up in your backyard in a ski mask—to know that so many talented, brilliant people are engaged with something I made, and are helping it evolve even further into the world. I have talked a lot with Rachel Caris Love, who is showrunning and producing, and she is wonderful, so I have very high hopes for the project.

And after years of waiting, hearing something every few months and then waiting more, I am still getting used to the idea that they are just…making the show now? That the next steps are not yeses or nos, but casting and costuming and music and set.

So, the world is turning, and for now it is turning a beautiful way. In further news, I saw someone say on Twitter that the “reddit mediums” are all reporting a huge flurry of ghost activity; we must all keep our wits about us. I dreamed that I ate the very best sandwich I’ve ever eaten in my life. The garden is full of pea pods. There is a hard freeze warning. I must buy some cakes today. The sun is out, who knows how long for, so I am going to enjoy it.