Or maybe I used to be a wizard?

Sadly, I do not feel very quippy today, and I have to leave the house in fifteen minutes. I briefly considered writing about my dog’s capacity to radically transform from a side of meat to a hunting machine (and, since I know people with actual hunting dogs, let me clarify that I mean “stupid hunting machine”), but that seemed too cute. Maybe if I felt quippier.

I also thought about contributing some thoughts on the Alix Ohlin review saga that is currently consuming the attention of all literary internet-goers, but I actually think enough has been said about it (and about negative reviews in general) by others. So I am not even going to link to anything related. Seriously, if you’re curious, just do a Google search. It will depress and annoy you. Have fun.

(Hint: it was a review of Alix Ohlin’s work, not the other way around.)

So what else do I have for you? Non-controversial links? Perhaps! It depends on what you like. But check these out:

– Rebecca Solnit’s essay “Men Explain Things to Me” on Guernica.
– Ariana Reine’s Ancient Evenings project. This you should really think about doing if you can.
Closing statements from the members of the band Pussy Riot after their absurd trial in Moscow.

Ok! That’s it! I’ve got to go!

**EDIT: UNCHARACTERISTIC LATE ADDITION TO MY LIST OF LINKS. Because these sculptures are amazing.