If radioactively, people will better see your skeleton.

First thing’s first. While I’m not proud of thinking this necessary, for any and all confused by the above image I refer you to the photos and explanations here.

Second, I’m not sure if Dear Abby is the cultural touchstone she was when I was growing up, but for anyone who needs a saucier contemporary analogue, I refer you of course to Dear Sugar.

Third, I will be in Chicago this weekend teaching a class at StoryStudio Chicago, and I think there are still a couple of slots left, so if anyone is interested in learning some fiction writin’, please sign up! I would love to see you there.

Fourth, new fiction from A.M. Homes here. Guys, guys*. A.M. Homes.

*When I was maybe ten or eleven years old a second cousin of mine visited from England. She was my age, and we made friends, walking to the dollar store to buy 99 cent plastic garbage, and other such things as children do. During one of these walks, I remember her revealing to me that among her friends in England it was unheard of to refer to a group of girls as “guys,” as in “hey guys, let’s go!” This seemed supremely strange to me, and I wonder if this is still true for the English youth. I sort of doubt it?