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Tomorrow I leave to start a residency at Ragdale. Today, nascence – of ideas, actions, and, I suppose, emotions – is the watchword.

Put another way, I will draw eggs again if I want to. Even with an obscure quote attached. (Though, from Finnegans Wake it is probably one of the less obscure quotations one could choose.)

Let’s do some links, shall we?

– I am friends with art critic Katherine Rochester, and she interviewed me about the (possibly) conflicting interpretations of “the unfinished” in art vs. writing for the project concept plus object. Check it out. As a bonus, I included a sketch of what later became this comic.

– There’s an interesting looking new lit review accepting submissions now. As I understand it, they read blind (i.e. anonymously).

– It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Paris Review interview. Let’s fix that, shall we? Here’s Elizabeth Bishop and Tom Stoppard. That’s right. Cancel your other morning plans.

– My amazing brother’s band, Eclectic Approach, is blowing up – they were on Jimmy Kimmel Live on October 1st, and oh, they have this music video. My brother is the evil one in the video. That is to say, the one with bedazzled pants. (You can also buy their singles on iTunes.)