Quit carping. (Sorry! It’s…too easy.)

Perhaps you noticed that last week I failed to post a comic. (Perhaps you didn’t? Jerk.) Dave and I (and a semi-sedated Paul) made a bold cross-country road trip from Wisconsin back to Arizona, and are now comfortably ensconced in an old adobe apartment building with a beautiful courtyard. Walking around our neighborhood is like walking around Southwestern Disney in the sense that things are so pristinely “southwestern” as to border on being a parody of themselves.

But I love that. It is not a critique. Brightly colored historical adobes for all!

I am trying to settle into a new routine of writing and working full time and enjoying the fact that it’s 70 degrees outside right now. The first week here we ate out almost every night; the first weekend, we went hiking in Sabino Canyon up to a waterfall, periodically traversing a creek and sticking our heads in the water to keep cool.

It’s nice to have all our things again. They were only slightly completely dusty from sitting in a POD unit for eight months.

In other news, I haven’t done a lit mag roundup of links in awhile, and I fear that now is going to be no different. (I.e. I do not have said links prepared.) But I do encourage everyone to check out The Atlas Review‘s first issue – I have seen some pretty outstanding work coming from them. I am planning to pick up a copy.