Old men never want you to steal their roses, even when Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. (Or you have a plan to overthrow the status quo.)

This week I am kicking off something a little new – a three-part series! Look forward to the next exciting installment of The Long View: A Story of Giraffes and Manifest Destiny – coming next week!

And yes, I know I’ve drawn a giraffe cartoon already, but there is not a comparably funny long-necked animal. Dave and I talked about this at length: ostriches? Llamas? Sea monsters? Maybe sea monsters. Chthulu? I guess the next three-part series basically writes itself: a llama, an ostrich, and Chthulu walk into a bar (because they are all blind and did not see it there).

Right? Well.

If anticipating both the next comic in this series AND the finale of Downton Abbey makes you itchy, perhaps in the meantime you should check out Lyndsey Reese’s new column on the Ploughshares Blog. Though of course, once you finish that, you’ll have to wait for her to post the next one.

O Universe! Why do you make us forbear all these hours between our slender moments of joy?