Definitely, maybe

Back to work. AWP was a wonderful blur, four days spent almost entirely in a mall. (Not since I was 13 years old have I thought that I would enjoy four days spent almost entirely in a mall.)

I could recap the entire conference, but Brian Oliu already did it here, so you could just read his. (Though probably that is a recap that best serves those who were actually present at the conference.) Suffice to say: I spent a lot of time at the VIDA booth, and it was a great pleasure and privilege to meet all the women involved in that project. We experienced so much good will, so much manic dancing (at the Prom!), so many opportunities to talk about why it’s important to pay attention to the Count numbers. Thank you to everyone who came up and asked me, brightly, for more information.

On to business. I no longer remember what I wanted to talk about today, because THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE A VERONICA MARS MOVIE IF ONLY WE FULLY FUND THEIR KICKSTARTER. I am a story nerd – I fall in love with characters, and hate to see them go. Veronica Mars is no exception. Even though the last season of the show was perhaps less keen, less tightly-wound than the first, I want this movie to happen. Every time I see the numbers go up, I get excited. So if you ever wanted to buy me a pretty affordable present, kick ten bucks the way of this project.*

And for literature: here is the longlist for the 2013 Women’s Prize for Fiction (formerly the Orange Prize). If the VIDA Count has gotten you thinking, started you wishing to read more excellent books by women, well this is not a shabby place to start.


*Note: I am a little bit worried that film studios are going to start demanding this kind of campaign for all cult movies. But Kickstarter seems like a great fit for Veronica Mars, and since Foucault has taught me there is great danger in all actions, and you cannot anticipate which of your choices will result in long-term good or ill, I am just going to throw my support behind this project, because even hearing the VM theme song brings me close to joyful, ridiculous tears. As the Onion AV Club said: “If we can’t fund a Veronica Mars movie, what is the internet even for?”