Trials: 2, Errors: 1

I want to say: the best and most important thing that you will do today is watch this video of a gender-swapped “Blurred Lines” by Seattle boylesque group Mod Carousel. (Note: depending on what your job is, this video may be NSFW? Or maybe if you don’t like highly sexualized songs, you won’t like it? It’s great though. You should like it.)

Of course that is hyperbole. But still, I listened to the song on repeat yesterday. All day yesterday. And I wasn’t the only one to do so. Has this been made into a single yet? Because it really should be.

(The original song is also incredibly catchy, but I found it difficult to enjoy without feeling like I was somehow selling myself out. You could argue that swapping the genders just means that, now, men are being objectified. But two things: 1. This video is making an intentional statement about the objectification of women in society/the original video, and is using the objectified men as a tool to that end. 2. The stereotypical view of masculinity is that men desire sex, want to ravage and be ravaged. This video also, by making the men into the conquests, asks us to reconsider that stereotype.


In other news, here’s Stephen King talking about the first lines of various novels, and why that real estate both is and isn’t important. What’s wonderful about Stephen King is that he really lets you in – into his process, into his stories. He does not seem to be a man whom by his nature, puts up barriers. A fine quality for a writer.

In other other news, I’m glad you guys are enjoying the poor shortraker’s journey. Stay tuned.