I refuse to view “Spooktacular” as an over-used term

Guys, don’t you see what we’ve done?! Together, we traveled through time (the slow way, of course) from last Wednesday – when it seemed like Halloween was around the corner – to today – when it truly is.

We are among the magicians.

Another magical truth is that the Jezebel ghost story thread I told you was probably coming did indeed appear. I actually got to the bottom of the thread today (UNPRECEDENTED) after several serious afternoons of applying myself, though of course there are about 200 unapproved comments pending, so I suppose it will continue to grow and fester and terrify us into leaving the lights on at all hours.

(Dave’s response whenever he sees me reading it: “You look very stern. Wait, what are you reading? That? AGAIN?”)

Because our apartment building is a veritable fortress, I don’t expect many (any) trick-or-treaters, and I’m having to find my Halloween fun in other ways. As such, I have a cornucopia (fall-appropriate!) of spooky links to offer, in case you, too, are feeling just a little too psychologically stable.


– The Jezebel ghost story thread, AGAIN, OF COURSE. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT BEFORE.
Benjamin Percy reading Goodnight Moon in…not the way we’ve come to expect
“The Thing on the Fourble Board” from Quiet, Please (1948) (via the Tumblrs of Benito Cereno & Kate Beaton)
– A terrifying tale of hitchhiking gone very nearly awry
Chevalier’s Budoir (I think they mean Boudoir?)
– A bunch more scary shorts collected by iO9
– If you haven’t started listening yet: the Welcome to Nightvale podcast (But really, you’re listening already, right?)

Now: never sleep again, friends! You can all keep me company. Remember: if you DO fall asleep, you’re just setting yourself up to awaken in the black of night and see a something terrible…something that cannot be unseen.