Also, your better pharaohs frown on grave-robbing, so the curse is doubly appropriate

You wake up on the second to last day of your residency. Last night you ate a pound of steak, becoming steak-drunk, and (troublingly) your stomach is now just as full as it was before when you went to sleep. Do you:

1. Roll back over and sleep for several more hours, thus wasting precious residency time, or
2. Drag your carcass out of bed and stumble towards coffee?

You have stumbled towards coffee! Congratulate your carcass on its good decision-making and say a warm but cursory hello to your fellow residents as you grab a precious, precious mug. You look at the food, but cannot imagine where in your body it might fit. Snug beside the liver? Inside one of your lungs maybe? You eat a few strawberries and drink more coffee. Thus sated, you return to your cabin.

Next, will you:

1. Revise a problematic scene with the diligence of a racecar driver,
2. Recognize your momentary inability to conceive of coherent metaphors,
3. Wander through your manuscript like a lost buffalo, or
4. Eat some chocolate-covered espresso beans?

You have selected chocolate-covered espresso beans! How typical. Now go post your comic, you layabout.