He still drags people to their doom with his tentacles, though.

I’ve had a few questions about whether my new scanner is really so much better than my old scanner: well, now I know. It really is. Right now I’m at a marvelous residency on the peninsula of Washington State, and brought my old, compact scanner along in my checked luggage (point of interest: the TSA saw fit to seize, from that luggage, my favorite hat and a copy of The Last Unicorn that I’d had inscribed to my niece and nephew…but not the big scanner. Not that any of that is particularly sinister, but if I was doing random luggage checks, I don’t think I’d keep the books and hats). And boy…it’s worse. Maybe you can’t tell: if so, that’s swell.

Things at this residency worth noting:
– The chef, Darice, is able to precognitively deduce what we’ll want to eat and cook it before we ever get a craving. Darice is a wonder.
– The ocean is a bit of a walk, but worth it.
– I have the worst luck with the peninsula donkey. Everyone else has seen it, even in the rain! But not me. It was recommended that I try calling to the donkey, and that didn’t work either. But on the plus side, I did probably look quite creepy, standing next to the old cemetery (near which the donkey is fenced) and calling out: Hello! Hello?
– Everything is a wonder. The cabins, the lodge, the people. Everything.
– Bulletin boards: just as good as you thought they were when revising a novel. Or, if you’ve never thought about it: better.
This is nearby.
– And so is THIS.

Since this isn’t really what I’m supposed to be doing here, that’s it for now! I’ll probably be inconsistent with posting for the next couple of weeks, but I promise if I have more nightmares (as inspired this particular comic) I’ll draw whatever they tell me to draw.