Let’s chat over tea about the demolition of a civilization spanning all of space and time

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, and I’m a bit at a loss as to what that signifies in terms of comic blog posts. Am I required by standard practice to post a “best-of” list? (And if so, best of what? My itinerant youth? My year? Myself?) Should I take this opportunity to communally “like” all celebratory communications directed at me on social media yesterday? (If so: consider it done.) Should I tell you about my day, how I ate cake? (I totally did.)

I thought I would have more time to spend on this post, but as it turns out the work day was hectic, and there is still more to do. There are many “bests” I could list for you, but would it make the past year I’ve lived any better? Does leaving them off make it worse? (God, I hope not. What a terrible retroactive power that would be.)

Of course not. There is green grass outside my window, a dog asleep on the floor. They exist and are pleasing whether or not they make an appearance in text. But it’s soothing to list that which is nice, so let’s list just a few more before I go:

soda water with lemon on a hot day
saguaro cactus flowers
the book submergence by j.m. ledgard
the photo of my grandmama that sits on my desk
the day ahead
the days ahead.