Walk through the water if you can’t walk on top

Dave correctly pointed out to me that the second panel of this comic could be interpreted as a moose dreamily imagining being in the righthand corner of the universe (which, in an infinite universe, doesn’t exist). I suppose that could bug me, but in fact I find that concept equally as elusive and esoteric as being in the merely correct corner, and so I am embracing the ambiguity.

Embracing that which I cannot pin down – emotionally, needfully, technically – has been something of a theme for me lately. It is…kind of working. These have been a rough few weeks, I won’t deny. Though also lovely, with my birthday, a visit from a good friend, a horseback ride in the Sonoran desert. The line between good and bad is ill-defined, I’m seeing: the two states of being coexist.

Not new news. But my news, all the same.