Watch that comma

Well, I have to have a little fun, don’t I?

Actually, fun is the watch-word lately. I started taking horseback riding lessons, and am entirely one with the smugness of a new love. Do you have a problem in your life? Have you tried solving it by GALLOPING THROUGH THE SONORAN DESERT?

Seriously, though.

In other news, here are some interviews (well, three interviews and one opinion piece) that I’ve been really digging today. In case you would like to think about something other than galloping through the Sonoran desert astride a mighty beast THOUGH I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU WOULD.

Sharona Muir in discussion with Bellevue Literary Press, chatting about her new book (with BLP, naturally) Invisible Beasts, and about bestiaries generally.
Julia Fierro, interviewed by Cari Luna at the Tin House blog regarding her new book Cutting Teeth. Also discussed: the female, the literary, and the intersection thereof.
Pamela Erens talking candidly about making some truly impressive cuts to her manuscripts. (I also appreciate that she doesn’t show her work to her husband “until it’s in print or nearly so, because I worry overmuch about his opinion.” I practice the same discretion with Dave, and no one ever seems to understand. Thank you for supporting my life choices, Pamela Erens.)